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Divers, filming for the Discovery Channel, were in Cuba from December 3, 1997 through January 3, 1998 diving around Cuban waters in search of "blue holes" and other underwater sites. The dive was a joint effort between U.S. and Cuban underwater scientists. One representative contacted our SCUBA CUBA® affiliate and we provided information. The research oceanographic vessel was offshore for dives on January 2, 1998. A U.S. flag bearing vessel readily within view of Habana caused quite a stir. We appreciate any and all information about Underwater Cuba from anyone!

Spanish Galleon gold from ships off of Habana and Isle of Youth has been recovered by Visa Gold Resources and are being sold to the public. The funds for the recovery wereraised privately. The profits will be split equally between Cuba and Visa Gold Resources. Jose Contreras signed a $32 million dollar, four year stint with the New York Yankees on December 24, 2002, only a few months after defecting from Cuba.

SCUBA CUBA® is trying to improve the quality of hyperbaric and dive medicine in Cuba. The Underseas and Hyperbaric Medical Society is the premiere international organization in Dive Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine.

Surfer Magazine has also contacted us about places to surf in Cuba. The June, 1999 issue of Surfer Magazine has two articles on Cuba and surfing. Holguin and Havana are discussed. When those Norwesters or Noreasters blow in, there are huge waves around Cuba. There are many photos and stories about waves crashing down upon the Malecon. Of course, a beach landing is better than a concrete seawall landing if you are "hanging 10".

Cuba withdrew from the Caribbean and Central American Games to be held November 27 for security reasons (and possible defections). Cuba held its "Olympic Games of Cuba" during the same time period.

The United Kingdom has given Cuba golf clubs to develop the sport in Cuba. Prior to 1959, golf was popular in Cuba but considered "upper class" by the Castro regime. Now, Cuba is rapidly building golf courses for tourism.

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